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Raúl Ippólito

National Basketball Coach (I.N.E.F. 1978-1979). Basketball Coach ENEBA 3 (EN3 License) No. 13,023,421-01-00700. National Coach of Mini Basketball and Developmental Divisions (awarded by the Technical Assistance Department of the Argentine Basketball Confederation) License 490. Sports Director of C.S.yD. Colon de Chivilcoy, assistant coach of the senior team competing in the Federal Basketball Tournament (3rd level of the country), coach of the U12 team, since August 2023 to date. CBB San Lorenzo de Chivilcoy (2016 /1991-1992 /1985-1986 /1981-1982). Monitor (1974 to 1976). Club Ciudad de Saladillo (2012 / November 1997, month of its founding, until 1999). Club Juventud Unida de Cañuelas (2011-2008). C.S. y D. Colón de Chivilcoy (2005 /1990-1991). Club Cañuelas (2000). Athletic Club de Lobos (1994 to 2000). C.E.F. No. 20 de Chacabuco (1993). Club La Armonía de Colón (ER) (1989-1990). Club Macabi de Cap. Federal (1987-1988). Racing Club de Chivilcoy (1983-1984 /1977 to 1980). Administrative staff at CBB San Lorenzo de Chivilcoy (Year 1973-1975).

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