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Institutional message

The nervous system integrates a vast amount of data to establish the crucial cognitive functions that underpin human behavior, especially those related to motor skills, both personally, socially, and professionally. The exhaustive study contributed by the sciences as a whole makes Neurar® an ideal space for the development of learning systems that can be tailored to individuals seeking improvements in their motor skills, enabling them to adapt their personal and professional performance according to their needs.

The Brain Vision Training® model is a new paradigm for studying and implementing training protocols aimed at impacting neuronal plasticity, with the goal of optimizing human performance through the enhancement of integrated management of cognitive, emotional, and motor functions aimed at reducing personal and occupational risks, based on the most modern standards proposed by scientific knowledge.


The Brain Vision Training® model is applied in the fields of healthcare, academic training, industry, sports, and security, establishing patterns of improvement that take human activity to the next level.


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