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Magda Cortés O.D.

• Optometrist specializing in Orthoptics and Visual Therapy. University of La Salle. Bogotá, Colombia.

• Trained in the management of brain bio-modulation focused on the visual system, along with the application of neurofeedback centered on optimizing the visual system. Neurovision. Colombia.

• Participant in the Neuroscience Course led by Neuroscientist Nazaret Castellanos, covering the principles of brain function, the interaction between the brain and the body, and the neuroscience of meditation.

• Mindfulness Consultant. EDTe Spanish School of Transpersonal Development.

• Participant in the First International Meeting on Neuroscience – The Revolution of Emotions and Creativity. Pontifical Bolivarian University. Colombia.

• Training in Structural and Organizational Constellations with Jaio Soluciones Sistémicas, Geiser, Congruencia, and Bert Hellinger Instituut Nerderland.

• Training in Bioenergetic Therapy by Lowen. Colombia.

• Acupuncturist Doctor. Neijing School, Colombia.

• International Program in Transformational Leadership. Tecnológico de Monterrey. Mexico.

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