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Magda Cortés

Magda Cortés O.D.

Optometrist specializing in Orthoptics and Visual Therapy. University of La Salle. Bogotá, Colombia.

Trained in the management of brain bio-modulation focused on the visual system, along with the application of neurofeedback centered on optimizing the visual system. Neurovision. Colombia.

Participant in the Neuroscience Course led by Neuroscientist Nazaret Castellanos, covering the principles of brain function, the interaction between the brain and the body, and the neuroscience of meditation.

Mindfulness Consultant. EDTe Spanish School of Transpersonal Development.

Participant in the First International Meeting on Neuroscience – The Revolution of Emotions and Creativity. Pontifical Bolivarian University. Colombia.

Training in Structural and Organizational Constellations with Jaio Soluciones Sistémicas, Geiser, Congruencia, and Bert Hellinger Instituut Nerderland.

Training in Bioenergetic Therapy by Lowen. Colombia.

Acupuncturist Doctor. Neijing School, Colombia.

International Program in Transformational Leadership. Tecnológico de Monterrey. Mexico.

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