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Analía Luna

Analía Luna M.D.

Physician specialized in Ophthalmology.

Physician specialized in Pathological Anatomy, specializing in ocular pathology (Dr. Croxatto at FOA).

Study of in vivo Confocal Microscopy of the cornea and conjunctiva. Oncological pathology of the ocular surface, ocular surface, corneal infections, corneal pathology.

Malbrán Ophthalmological Clinic.

Dr. Charles Ophthalmological Center.

Dr. Aguilar - Dr. Pretto Eye Center (Lomas Zamora).

Dr. Ezequiel Sasso Ophthalmological Center.

Dr. Nicoli Ophthalmological Clinic.

Austral University Hospital (Pilar).

SkySight Ophthalmologists and Associates (Pilar).

Teaching at the University of Salvador and Austral University.

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