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Promote scientific research in neuroscience applied to the study of human movement. Provide academic training and education for health and sports professionals. Disseminate and implement programs of psycho-neuro-motor study and therapy related to health from a comprehensive and holistic perspective. Intervene in the creation of spaces related to Neuro Optometry as a specialty that forms part of the spectrum of health rehabilitation in the field of neurology. Provide advice and implement the application of sciences in sports institutions, federations, and throughout the sports universe.


External consulting plans are oriented towards professional institutions and companies in various specialties.

We work on common proposals by contributing new ideas to achieve efficient balance in tasks related to the field of human motor skills, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, as well as integrated training planning in the sports universe, safety and defense, vehicle driving, and emotional learning development. This includes guidelines for studies, academic objectives, and scientific research that support them.

The integration of cognitive, emotional, and motor control processes forms the foundation in health advisory planning.

Transdisciplinary knowledge from Medicine, Optometry, Psychology, Kinesiology, Engineering, and Physical Conditioning establishes dynamic patterns in the design and layout of rehabilitation plans for individuals with alterations in their nervous system.

Brain concussion, as well as other neurological conditions, is studied and correlated with different treatment areas where various disciplines come together.

The Brain Vision Training integrated training proposes specialized learning where the beneficiary can achieve control of their motor skills tailored to their needs, making decisions that optimize energy consumption for the best results, enhancing responsive capabilities to contextual proposals expressed at each moment.

Neurar® is the choice for entities related to human movement, whether in the sports, safety and defense, vehicle driving, health, or business sectors that wish to develop and manage departments or spaces for Applied Neurosciences, as well as receive customized training from the Brain Vision Training model.

The Brain Vision Training® model suggests specialized learning where beneficiaries have maximum exposure to their competency state, allowing them to control, in an integrated manner, their sensory, cognitive, motor, and emotional conditions. This will provide them with the best performance to make decisions that are most suitable for the different environments they face, in a limited time and specific space.

  • Improve your performance

  • Save energy

  • Reduce risks

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