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Mariano Canegallo O.D.

Mariano Canegallo is an Optometrist. He is the CEO and founder of Neurar. He teaches in the Diploma in Sports and Neurosciences at the Institute of Sports Sciences of the Favaloro University (ARG). He also teaches at the University of Gran Rosario and is a professor in the Master's in Optometry at the Galileo University (Guatemala). Mariano Canegallo served as the Optometrist for the professional football team of Club San Lorenzo de Almagro (2013-2017) and worked as the Optometrist for the Argentine Basketball Team for the Deaf. He is an International Member of the Mexican Council of Functional Optometry (COMOF) and a Founding Member of CLIO. Honorary member of the Colombian Association of Orthoptics and Pleoptics (ORTOS). Advisor to BMW Motorrad Argentina. He is also the author of the book "Brain Vision Training".

Miembro honorifico de la Asociación Colombiana de Ortóptica y Pleóptica "ORTOS".

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